The XDRO registry is a product of collaboration between IDPH, Medical Research Analytics and Informatics Alliance (MRAIA), and the Chicago CDC Prevention Epicenter.

XDRO Training Quick Videos


The series of quick videos below is designed to show users how to register for and use the XDRO registry. For more information, refer to the FAQ page, your local health department, or the IDPH XDRO team at


Title: Registering for the XDRO registry
Video: Registering for the XDRO registry.mp4
Slides: [Registering for XDRO_final.pdf]

Title: Setting up a Portal Registration Authority (PRA)
Video: Becoming a PRA.mp4

Slides: [Becoming a PRA_final.pdf]
PRA instructions and agreement (PDF): [5.22.17_OPPS_Becoming a PRA and agreement.pdf]

Title: Reporting requirements to the XDRO registry
Video: Reporting Requirements_Final.mp4

Slides: [CRE reporting requirements_final.pdf]
Reporting Flowchart: [XDRO Reporting Requirements and Flowchart_2.2023.pdf]

Title: Reporting a CRE case to the XDRO registry For Facilities
Video: Reporting a CRE_Final.mp4

Slides: [Reporting to XDRO_Facility_final.pdf]

Title: Reporting a CRE case to the XDRO registry For Laboratories
Video: Reporting a CRE Labs_Final.mp4

Slides: [Reporting to XDRO_Lab_final.pdf]

Title: Editing and deleting a case
Video: Editing or Deleting a Report_Final.mp4

Slides: [Editing XDRO report_final.pdf]

Title: Querying the XDRO registry
Video: Querying the Registry_Final.mp4

Slides: [Querying XDRO_Final.pdf]

Title: XDRO registry auto alerts
Video: XDRO Auto Alert Orientation.mp4

Slides: [Automated alerts orientation_rev March 2022.pdf]